Tuesday, 6 September 2011


So my parents have finally realised that I am a serious book fan and that I had book piling up on my IKEA bookcase by the minute. So I GOT ANOTHER ONE!
Another lovely birch wood (the wood of my desk & wardrobes so all matching!) IKEA 'Billy' bookcase with three shelves on the condition that I get rid of my ancient CD rack that we bought in France when I was like 7 and put them on the bottom shelf of the new bookcase.
Although that takes up precious book space, I need to stop buying books or I'll end up bankrupt, so I thought it was a good negotiation. Oh and the other condition...that I bake them a cake, which I have just completed.(Victoria sponge if you're wondering).
Here are some pictures of theee bookcase:

So on the top shelf are series, then, random stand alone books, and then CD's. On the top of the bookcase are library books.

This is my old one, nice and tidy...NOTICE SARAH DESSEN ON FIRST SHELF.

And what about the cake...

Cooking in the oven. 

Me in my lovely apron complete with slipper socks, Beatles shirt and leggings.

The successful cake....

The not so successful cake...this is going to be the bottom layer.

So that's it! I am quite happy with my progress today in baking. The first egg exploded but I did the next two perfectly, without any shell escaping in to the bowl. Something I have never done before...

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  1. Beautiful bookcases and beautiful cake....lucky thing!! ;D


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