Thursday, 15 September 2011

College rambles.

So college isn't as bad as I thought it would be. It's nice to have so much more freedom, be in a more relaxing relationship with the teachers and do basically your own thing. It is very different from secondary school, but better.
I've met some lovely people already too, some of which I've become friends with already, as well as hanging out with my old ones too. The only people from my old school is my group, so although outnumbered, we're closer too. I thought I'd give you a schedule of my day:

6:40am: Wake up, drag myself out of bed (I am not awake really by the way), choose something decent to wear and go downstairs.
7:00am: Watch TV and eat my breakfast while making a quick coffee to somehow wake me up.
7:25am: Go upstairs and brush my teeth, put make-up on, get generally ready to go.
7:45am: LEAVE THE HOUSE. In the morning, I walk to the train station which for me, crowned the most fastest walker, it takes me about 15/20 mins to get there, it's about a mile away. I do that because the public transport is so unreliable and it's a nice start when walking with an iPod in.
Around 8am: I get there to the train station, put my ticket through the machine and walk down the corridor to the platform. I HATE THAT CORRIDOR THAT LEADS TO THE DIFFERENT PLATFORMS. There are lots of pigeons that live on the ledges so you don't know when a pigeon is going to come out and either poo/fly into you/or just fly around and look scary. I HATE IT I TELL YOU.
8:10am: Train comes. I have to get this train or I am LATE. It's packed. Always, and you feel like you're not going to get on at all. It's annoying because people push to the front to get on and then don't move when they do to let others on. Poo them.
8:30am: Get to my destination and walk around the corner to the college.
8:45am: Lessons start. If we looked at today, I had History first which was AWKWARD. Because our class just doesn't talk. They stare at the teacher like 'Oh hey, we're in a lesson??' and the teacher ANSWERS HER OWN QUESTIONS. And keeps looking at me like 'PLEASE answer my question!' I am the answerer of the class. You know there's always one.
We get homework. Boo.
9:40am: Second lesson. English Literature with the most angry teacher. She just is permentantly annoyed with a angry voice constantly. It reaaaally annoys me. We start reading Death of a Salesman. More Homework. Booo.
10:35am: BREAK. I chill out with some people at the grassy area at the front.
11am: Third lesson. MORE ENGLISH LITERATURE. With a different teacher who I LOVE. She is lovely. We start looking at Othello and link the story together. MEGA confusion.
11:55am: IT'S LUNCHTIME. I go to a sandwich place with my friend and get a sub with some chicken and cheese and salad. Very yummy. Then, I hang out with some friends in the sun by this fountain. Then, walk back to the college.
12:55pm: Fourth lesson. Media Studies. We have a sub and just kind of chat and find out the meaning of some funny looking spelt words.
1:50pm: I'M FINISHED FOR THE DAY. We have another break and then I had to the library to get some homework done.
3pm: I go home and get home around 4pm. Normally it's like 5:30pm on a normal full day.

SO there you go. I really am enjoying my time there studying English Literature, Media Studies, History and Classical Civilisation. It's great fun and so much freedom!


  1. Wow, you finish college at 1:50? Woah! Lucky you! College sounds like fun :) Glad you're enjoying it! History sounds majorly awkward though...

  2. Yay! I would love to be doing the same subjects as you... :-D

  3. No, not every day. Only today. The other days it's 4:10 which is a bit tiring. Yeah...mega awkward.

    Oh thank you :)

  4. Awh your subjects are awesome! Are you doing a course or your A Levels? I'm not quite sure how the English school system works :P

  5. In England, you have primary school and then you go onto secondary school for when you're 11-16. The last year, Year 11, you do your GCSE's which is basically 4 subjects everyone does like English and Maths and then 4 of your choice.
    Then, you can either start working but most go to college and do AS/A Levels. In your first year of college, you do AS levels which are a maximum of 5 but most people do 4. Then in the second year you do A levels which are more advanced and you can do a maximum of 4.
    Then you can work or go to uni.


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